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                                          Data types.
  1. typedef void (WINAPI *PLUGIN_FUNCTION)(HANDLE application, int user_data);
   Main menu function.
   application - Application main window.
   user_data - Users parameter.
  2. typedef void (WINAPI *TASK_FUNCTION)(DWORD pid);
   Task page function.
   pid - ID of the row in Tasks table (default - Process ID).
  3. typedef void (WINAPI *WINDOW_FUNCTION)(HWND window);
   Windows page function.
   window - ID of the row in Windows table (default - Window Handle).
  4. typedef void (WINAPI *OWN_FUNCTION)(HANDLE application, int own_grid_row);
   Own page function.
   application - Application main window.
   own_grid_row - Row number.
  5. typedef void*(WINAPI *PLUGIN_REALLOC)(void *ptr, unsigned int size);
   Callback function. Reallocate memory blocks.
   ptr - Pointer to previously allocated memory block.
   size - New size in bytes.
  6. typedef void (WINAPI *OWN_DATA_UPDATE)(void **data, int *row_count,
                                                                     OWN_GRID_STYLES **grid_styles,
                                                                     bool *enable_grid_styles);
   Function fills own page.
   data - Own page contents. An array of null-terminated strings,
           terminated by two null characters.
   row_count - Row count.
   grid_styles - Cells format.
   enable_grid_styles - Enable cells format.
  7. typedef void (WINAPI *OWN_DATA_UPDATE_EVENT)(OWN_DATA_UPDATE own_function);
   Callback function. Refresh own page.
   own_function - Plugin function fills own page.